In a crisis situation, you have no choice: either you fall even further, or you climb back up with a winning temperament! This is the path that Z. Smit, a player from South Africa, is in the midst of a global pandemic. Weakened by the ups and downs of everyday life, he saw slot machines as an opportunity to take his mind off his troubles. After scouring several slots without success, he set his sights on a new Egyptian-themed slot: “Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe” from Realtime Gaming. Let’s take a closer look at the miracle that happened then…

A twist of fate that erases the blows of fate

Z. Smit couldn’t believe his eyes when he finally won 2.7 million rands (about C$155,826) for a mere 5 rand bet. Still overwhelmed with emotion, he told the press how the jackpot saved him and his family from having to put a roof over their heads. His goal in life was to be able to work decently and give his children a good start, and that will be achieved, with a new car and plenty of school supplies!

However, spending time on online one-armed bandits and getting rich is not commonplace. It may be increasingly embedded in cultures around the world, but gambling does not always have a good aura. In Africa, 60 million poor gamblers compete for 30,000 slot machines, all under the recurrent yoke of addiction.

But among the lot, some winners like Z. But some winners, like Z. Smit, are making the most of it by sharing it with everyone around them, and not only… With this victory under his belt, Smit will be able to turn things around. Above all, the story shows us that you can win anywhere in the world. Even at online slot machines! Luck came into his life and hasn’t left him since!

Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe pays up to 7,500x the bet!

Ancient Egypt may be a great place for all kinds of mysteries, but it’s also a breeding ground for fortune. According to the statistics, more and more big winners have played Egyptian-themed slots, and that’s not surprising! The Pharaohs themselves surrounded themselves with precious metal to ensure eternal life. Their belief in the sun god, Amun-Ra, also favoured the crucial importance of gold as a guarantee of future prosperity.

Casino game publisher Realtime Gaming, therefore, made a point of fine-tuning its slot to be as lucrative as possible, and that’s just what happened to Z. Smit. Indeed, 25 fixed pay lines for a progressive jackpot is quite something for a 5-reel, 3-row slot! It often starts at C$1 per line or R5 from South Africa, and you can hit the biggest Jackpot with a fit Cleopatra and a single 5-joker combination!

Between the flaming rubies crowning the Golden Scarab, the “azure blue” lapis lazuli adorning the Oudjat eye, and the solid gold pyramids in scattered Scatters mode, our heart would have swayed too. Unless we literally have a crush on the Reine Fatale in the form of a giant WILD! Anything goes with this “luxury” version of the slot, whether you’re from here or elsewhere!

Winners, who love Egyptian-themed slots?

One of the big reasons why slots based around Cleopatra and the Egyptian pyramids are a great business is that they represent an unparalleled treasure hunt. Nothing could be more exotic and promising than this set of sand and precious antiquities! Add to that the thrill of discovery, because you never know what lies beneath the sarcophagi or slot symbols emerging from the desert around the Nile: a couple of Ankh or lotus symbols, a creepy mummy or a Pyramid Scatter that triples the winnings during the 15 Free Spins, or straight gold? The answer is that you have to see it to believe it!

It’s not uncommon to win more than a million dollars with “Cleopatra” games equipped with progressive jackpots (whether Mega or not), like Yvon at an online casino site in the US. “And when the jackpot falls on us, there is no warning! It can even happen during the free spins!”, the American player who suddenly became a millionaire wisely reminds us.

Las Vegas is no longer the only place where you can win millions in slot machines. All over the world, online slots are taking us on a journey with their free spins. And their dream jackpots are real, especially with history-making games like “Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe”! So, let’s not hesitate to travel virtually on the Nile!