Casino games, as well as the game of poker, are becoming more popular every year and new poker clubs and casinos are springing up. The number of masters in the gambling world is increasing along with the demand for the production of gaming equipment.

Where is better to buy equipment for casino and poker clubs in Canada?

The first thing you should pay attention to is how many years a supplier has been manufacturing gaming equipment. Casino Supply Chain Connector was founded in 2018 as a trading company for poker accessories and since 2019 has been producing gaming equipment for casinos and poker clubs. More than 3 years of experience enables our team to quickly identify and calculate the requirements for our customers and satisfy them in the best possible way, depending on budget and timetable.
canada equipment
Our advantage is our wide range of products:
  • Poker tables;
  • Chairs and armchairs;
  • Poker chips;
  • Bench cloth;
  • Playing cards;
  • Poker sets (in cases);
  • Roulette wheels;
  • Roulette Displays;
  • Accessories for poker;

Other advantages

Another advantage of the company is that all sorts of attributes and accessories for poker and casino games can be made in a variety of colours, with the additional protection of poker chips and playing cards, as well as with a logo. It is worth noting that the casino equipment is manufactured in accordance with international standards and meets the requirements developed by the Sports Poker Federation. If the future plans of the casino are to go to the international level or the organization of tournaments, compliance with international standards will be a serious aspect. After ordering in our online shop, the customer receives technical support and can promptly solve any arising issues with our experts. Casino Supply Chain Connector guarantees the production of the gaming equipment within the term agreed with the client, with delivery in Canada.