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Filaprint specializes in land models. Marketing and communicating land for major projects. Filaprint believes that communication is very important and their vision is to create land models that speak to everyone, in every language. Showcasing land projects to commercial developers for a lasting impression and better understanding of the project. Models are also used for tourism showcases, showing trails, ski hills etc.. The 3D models of the land are expected to travel, be touched, and used multiple times in meetings, trade shows, field trips, visitor centres, museums, schools ect. Filaprint land models have a very impressive first impression in the meeting rooms and reduce frustrations with understanding the land and big picture.

Employee Details

Total Employees: 1

Full-Time Employees: 1

Specialized Equipment

Filaprint shop is lined with industrial eco-friendly 3D printers, with the ability to build land models any size. Often several feet long and wide.

Additional Details

WCB registered in BC: no
DUNS number: no
First Nations/Aboriginal ownership: no
Woman Owned: Fully Owned

Completed Projects/Testimonials

LNG pipeline proposal across all of northern BC.
Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Global Geopark 3D Model .
BC Hydro dam Sites model 3 dams from Hudsons Hope to Taylor Bridge. Including Site C.

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