Air Liquide Nitrogen Facility in Dawson Creek

Air Liquide Canada will operate a new Air Separation Unit (ASU) in Dawson Creek to supply nitrogen to industrial customers in the oil and gas sectors in northern British Columbia.

About This Project

Air Liquide Canada supplies nitrogen and carbon dioxide to oil and gas producers to support drilling operations and increase oil and gas recovery. Using nitrogen in drilling operations can notably decrease water consumption. Nitrogen is used to optimize production processes, enhance safety, improve product quality and decrease water consumption.

Strategically located in Dawson Creek, the new Air Separation Unit will provide a steady supply of nitrogen to industrial customers throughout British Columbia and Alberta. At an investment of approximately $60 million, Air Liquide is poised to benefit from the growing oil and gas industry in the area.

Construction is planned in two phases. The first phase was completed in the Fall of 2012, and completion of the second phase is set for 2013.

Once operations are underway, the facility will be capable of producing 200 tonnes of liquefied nitrogen per day. The plant will have a 1,000 tonne storage facility, two loading stations, all required uilities, and employ 10 permanent staff.

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Project Status

Estimate Investment
$60 million

Estimated Project Start Date
Fall 2012 (Phase 1)

Estimated Completion Date
2013 (Phase 2)

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Daniel M. Richard
Manager, Communications
Air Liquide Canada

Economic Development Contact

Sue Kenny
General Manager
Community Futures Peace Liard

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