Bio-Diesel Plant

Peace Biofuels Ltd. are capitalizing on the thriving agricultural sector in Dawson Creek with the construction of a 40 million litre biodiesel and extraction plant.

About This Project

The Peace region produces 95% of British Columbia’s canola and Peace Biofuels Ltd. is looking to take advantage of the strong agricultural industry by producing sustainable biofuel. They will construct a $60 million facility capable of producing pure, unblended biodiesel by processing canola oil. The biodiesel facility will diversify the local economy as well as provide jobs for 100 full time employees.

The proposed biodiesel facility will be capable of producing 40 million litres of biodiesel annually. A canola oil plant will crush the raw canola in order to extract the canola oil which will then be processed in the integrated biodiesel plant to produce pure, unblended biodiesel known as B100. B100 is pure 100% biodiesel and is usually refined further for normal use in diesel equipment. The biodiesel produced at the Dawson Creek facility would be transported to the Husky Oil Refinery in Prince George for further processing but once the facility is fully operational, plans to construct an adjacent refinery will be investigated.

This project represents a unique opportunity for the regions agricultural producers to diversify their market and increase their productivity. While the Peace region produces 95% of British Columbia’s canola, almost 20% of that is off-grade product that is not suitable for consumption. Biodiesel processing can use this off-grade product, providing a niche for the inedible canola that agricultural producers have had challenges in finding markets for in the past.

The Provincial government has identified the importance of sustainable fuel resources, in particular biodiesel, and has promised to provide $10 million in financing to this and seven other biodiesel projects throughout the province. Peace River Ltd. has received $2 million dollars already and other investors are currently being sought.

A functional biodiesel facility will have both economic and environmental benefits to British Columbia’s Peace region. The facility will create over 200 construction jobs and over 100 full time positions to maintain operations once it is functional. It will allow for further diversification of the region’s economy and provide unique opportunities for the agricultural and energy sectors. By burning the fuel locally, and selling it to local consumers, greenhouse gas emissions will be greatly reduced.

Project Status

Estimate Investment
$60 Million

Estimated Project Start Date
Fall 2011

Estimated Completion Date

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

250-784-3600 (Dawson Creek City)

Economic Development Contact

Sue Kenny
General Manager
Community Futures Peace Liard
250 782-8748

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