Chetwynd Forest Industries Biomass Project

West Fraser Timber Company will generate 13 MW of power with its Chetwynd Forest Industries bioenergy plant by using wood chips converted to biomass fuel.

About This Project

West Fraser Timber Company, which owns Chetwynd Forest Industries, signed a deal with Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, which will deliver a biomass heat recovery power plant comprised of two Turboden 65 HRS Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbogenerators to West Fraser's Chetwynd Forest Industries plant.

Chetwynd Forest Industries produces 280 million board feet of lumber products annually, and the ORC units will use thermal oil from a new biomass system installed to burn the plant's residual hog fuel. About 50-60 percent of biomass fuel will come from Chetwynd Forest Industries' operations, and the company will purchase the remainder in the form of logging residues.

Organic Rankine Cycle technology uses an organic fluid system instead of steam to drive a turbo-generator, which can range in nominal output from 1-10 megawatts and up for a single ORC module. The system employs a closed-cycle process that uses relatively low to moderate temperature heat sources to generate electricity. Chetwynd is in an optimal location for ORC systems because the systems do not require the use of water or any on-site operational supervision.

The installation of the biomass plant at Chetwynd Forest Industries is part of West Fraser's continual efforts to improve operational efficiency and protect the environment.

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Project Status

Estimated Project Start Date
Under Construction

Estimated Completion Date
Fall 2014

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Chetwynd Forest Industries
P.O. Box 330

Economic Development Contact

Ellen Calliou
Economic Development Officer
District of Chetwynd

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