Dasque Hydroelectric Cluster

The Dasque Cluster is a 20MW Hydroelectric project consisting of two creeks, Dasque Creek and Middle Creek approximately 20km West of Terrace. The project has been developed by Swiftpower Corp., which is 100% owned by Vereson Inc.

About This Project

Dasque Cluster is one of several Swift Power projects in Northwest BC. This region is popular for hydroelectric projects due to: consistent levels of precipitation; direct access to a comprehensive transportation infrastructure (including seaports, railways, highways, and airports); reliable access to transmission networks; and a highly skilled local workforce.

The Dasque Cluster is a 20 MW hydroelectric project consisting of two creeks, Dasque Creek and Middle Creek. This location provides several key advantages, where pluvial (rainfall), nival (snowmelt), and glacial runoff combine to create a sustained annual hydrograph, with little variation in year-to-year flow. Furthermore, existing road access to the intake locations and penstock route alignments prevent additional impact to watersheds, while natural fish barriers have been identified and incorporated into the engineering design. Consequently, future projects are not expected to harm key salmon habitats or watershed ecosystems.

Swift Power Corp. and the Kitselas First Nation have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to develop the Dasque Cluster project, proposing a site 20 km west of Terrace. This is the first opportunity for Swift Power to work closely with the Kitselas First Nation group, on all phases of the project. This includes a powerhouse and two 5 Pelton MW turbines on both Dasque Creek and Middle Creek. The Skeena substation has been proposed as the point of interconnection, as it is adjacent to existing roads and a high voltage BCTC transmission line. As one of the wettest areas in Northern British Columbia, this area consistently receives high levels of precipitation (rain and snow), and 40 years of data records have helped to create a 40-year synthetic data series for the Dasque-Middle watershed (including energy models).

Swift Power mainly hires local contractors to work on the Dasque Cluster hydroelectric project. This includes hiring local talent to fill management positions, and benefitting from Terrace’s close proximity and developed infrastructure. These qualities are helping to establish the Northwest region as an obvious choice for the development of green energy run-of-river projects in British Columbia.

Project Status

Estimate Investment
$60 Million

Estimated Project Start Date
Construction September 2011

Estimated Completion Date
Quarter 1 of 2013

Project Partners

Veresen Corp.


Proponent Contact

Alexi Zawadzki
President and CEO

Swift Power Corp.


Economic Development Contact

Terrace Economic Development Authority


Northern Development Initiative Trust

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