Dawson Creek/Chetwynd Area Transmission Project

Currently under construction, the proposed Dawson Creek/Chetwynd Area Transmission project will double the electricity capacity in the South Peace area, helping to meet the increasing demand for electricity.

About This Project

The Dawson Creek/Chetwynd Area Transmission project is designed to help meet the forecasted high increase in electricity demand in the area. With greater natural gas exploration in the Montney Shale gas region, this project will help supply industrial clients with the power required to meet their needs.

The project will include the new Sundance Substation (to be located approximately 19 km east of Chetwynd); a 72 km, 230kV double circuit transmission line between Sundance Substation and Dawson Creek; expansions to two existing substations; and removal of some of the older lines that are currently in place.

Completion of the transmission project will stimulate economic development activity within the South Peace Region by supplying clean electricity to new industrial customers and improving the quality of service to existing customers. The region’s electricity system capacity will be doubled, creating project related jobs and allowing other major projects that are dependent on the energy supply to move forward.

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Project Status

Estimate Investment
$296 million

Estimated Project Start Date
Under Construction

Estimated Completion Date

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Lesley Wood
BC Hydro Stakeholder Relations

Economic Development Contact

Ellen Calliou
Economic Development Officer
District of Chetwynd


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