Gething Coal Project

Canadian Kailuan Dehua Mines Co., Ltd. (CKD) was incorporated in British Columbia in 2008, and engages in underground coal mining in Northern BC. CKD's first coal mine project is located 25 km west of Hudson's Hope, BC, with more than 780 million tonnes of quality coking coal deposit.

About This Project

The Gething Coal Project, proposed by Canadian Kailuan Dehua (CKD), is located 25 km west of Hudson’s Hope, BC in the Peace River Canyon. The targeted coal seams are called the Trojan and Superiors metallurgical coal seams. Potential annual production is estimated at 3 million tons per year with a mine life of 40 years. CKD is proposing an underground room and pillar or longwall design to minimize the project’s environmental footprint.

On March 13, 2006 Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc. acquired 21 gething coal licenses. From 2006 to 2009 Canadian Dehua initiated the baseline study for the Environmental Assessment and drilled 14 exploration holes. In July 2010 the gething coal project changed ownership. CKD, a registered company in British Columbia, took over the gething project. Kailuan Group is the largest shareholder in the Canadian Kailuan Dehua Mines Co. partnership. It is the oldest underground coal mining, washing and distribution company in China with over 133 years of experience. The second largest shareholder in the CKD partnership is the Shougang Group, which is China’s largest steel producer. With such experienced and world class partners involved in the gething project, CKD is confident that it will be developed to the highest standards of environmental and cultural protection.

CKD is in consultation with local First Nations to identify and accommodate their concerns. This process is also in progress with the local communities of Hudson’s Hope and Chetwynd. The objective is to ensure that the initial exploration has minimal impact and allows CKD the opportunity to establish an economic development opportunity. If this exploration determines there is an opportunity to develop an economic mine, then further and more detailed consultation and accommodation would take place with government, First Nations and local communities. CKD believes that through consultation with local First Nations and communities, development of the gething project can be accomplished while respecting the cultural and environmental values of all involved.

According to CKD, the construction of the gething project will create 773 long-term direct jobs, along with another 4,000 indirect jobs. It is also estimated that the partnership between Shandong Energy Feicheng Mining Group Co. Ltd. and Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc. will create 2,000 jobs in neighbouring communities during its construction.

The Gething Coal Project is currently in the pre-application stage of the Enivronmental Assessment process.

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Project Status

Estimate Investment
$1.36 Billion

Estimated Project Start Date
To Be Determined

Estimated Completion Date
Estimated 40 Year Mine Life

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Vice General Manager
Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc.
604-697-0118 Ext: 112

Economic Development Contact

Jennifer Moore
Regional Economic Development Officer
North Peace Economic Development Commission

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