Hackney Hills Wind Energy Project

The Hackney Hills project, approximately 300 MW of capacity, is one of the most energetic wind energy spots in northeast BC, and is located approximately 50 km north of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam - one of the best BC Hydro interconnection points in the province.

About This Project

The Hackney Hills wind project has an estimated 300 MW of generating capacity, and extensive studies to support an environmental assessment application have been conducted. The site is on provincial Crown land, is surrounded by all-season petroleum development and forestry service roads, and features very flat, treeless terrain that facilitates turbine placement and other development work. The site, at its nearest point, is about 55 km from an interconnect point.

Located approximately 50 km northwest of the town of Hudson's Hope and the W.A.C. Bennett Dam, the 500 MW Hackney Hills project has exceptional wind values, which explains why the site is almost treeless. It is also on the logical route of the recently announced Northeast Transmission Line. The Province of British Columbia plans to build this line to provide power to the new Horn River Basin shale gas field, one of the largest of its type in North America.

Aeolis Wind Power Corporation is a private, Canadian wind energy development company based in Sidney, British Columbia. Aeolis is focused on establishing large-scale wind power generation facilities in Western Canada and has long-term leases for a number of prime wind park sites in northeastern British Columbia, on which they have an extensive network of data collection and monitoring towers. Aeolis demonstrated its in-house technical and project expertise in leading the development of British Columbia's first wind project located near Dawson Creek, BC: the 102 MW Bear Mountain Wind Park.

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Project Status

Estimate Investment
$850 million

Estimated Project Start Date
Currently undergoing Environmental Assessment

Estimated Completion Date
To Be Determined

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Marilyn Moorehead
Aeolis Wind Power Corporation

Economic Development Contact

Jennifer Moore
Regional Economic Development Officer
North Peace Economic Development Commission


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