Hart North Industrial Site

The Hart North Industrial Site is strategically situated within one of the fastest-growing economic regions in Canada, well connected to key markets in Asia and across North America. With 400 hectares identified for the first phase of development, the site offers more than 3,000 hectares of land available for industrial use.

About This Project

The Hart North Industrial Site offers proximity and accessibility to Canadian, US and international markets. The site is located approximately 36 km north of the City of Prince George, in close proximity to major transportation networks and utility corridors. Bounded by the trans-continental CN Rail line and the north-south Provincial Highway 97, the site has easy access to the Prince George International Airport and the Ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver. Well-developed transportation infrastructure connects the region to the global economy, facilitating export activity and supporting the business expansion across all industries. The site offers more than 3,000 hectares of land available for industrial use (with 400 hectares identified for the first phase of development) for manufacturers looking to establish within one of the fastest-growing economic regions in Canada. Parcel sizes of 40 hectares or larger are available.

Provincial Highway 97 (North-South) connects to Provincial Highway 16 (East-West) 36 km south of the site in Prince George, and the CN Rail line runs along the western boundary of the site. CN operates the largest rail network in Canada and the only trans-continental network in North America, connecting the region to North American markets and providing access to Asian markets through west coast ports. CN has recently expanded its intermodal facility in Prince George and is currently upgrading infrastructure along its BC North Line. The Port of Prince Rupert, 722 km west of Prince George (17 hours by rail and 9 hours along Highway 16) is up to 3 days closer to Asia than other North American west coast ports. The Prince George International Airport has the third longest runway in Canada and is on the shortest route between the Asia-Pacific and North American heartland markets. The airport offers services for international cargo and passenger flights, and has developed a new crossdock facility and common fuel storage to support trans-pacific refueling and ground-handling services for cargo.

North-Central British Columbia is home to a diverse array of business activities. The province’s rich forest and mining resources have supported Prince George’s development as a service and supply hub for natural resource, construction and other sector activities throughout Northern BC. Factors driving the continued expansion of the regional economy include new Asian markets for traditional forest products, the development of a forest-based bioenergy sector with strong export ties to Europe, the continued growth of mining and oil & gas operations across Northern BC, and a strong public sector including education, health care and government services.

The region is home to a large manufacturing sector, which includes Wood Products, Machinery and Equipment, Chemicals and Plastics, as well as activities broadly ranging from Furniture to Food and Beverage Manufacturing.

With abundant and affordable land available for development, superior transportation connectivity and a highly skilled and educated workforce, the region is an attractive location for companies looking to expand into new markets.

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Project Status

Estimate Investment
Total value of investment will be determined by individual project specifications.

Estimated Project Start Date
All preliminary stages of the Crown Land disposition process have been completed for parcels identified for the first phase of development.

Estimated Completion Date
Development timelines will be determined by individual project specifications.

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Keenan Hopson
Economic Development Officer
City of Prince George


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