Jamie Creek Run-of-River Project

The Jamie Creek Hydroelectric project has received a 40-year Electricity Purchase Agreement (EAP) from BC Hydro. This is a 22.16 MW hydro power project which Sequoia Inc. had developed in collaboration with the St'át'imc Nation. In October 2012, Boralex Inc. closed its acquisition of the Jamie Creek hydropower project.

About This Project

The Jamie Creek Project is a nameplate 22 MW capacity run-of-river hydroelectric project, located on Jamie Creek, approximately 16 kilometres west of Gold Bridge, B.C. The project's power capacity is capable of, on average, providing energy for upwards of 22,000 homes.

The project does not require a dam, but rather relies on the natural grade and flow of the creek. A portion of the flow is diverted into a penstock, which conveys the water to a downstream powerhouse. As such, the project qualifies as clean or renewable energy electricity in accordance with the guidelines published by the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources.

Sequoia Energy Inc. and Bregal Energy announced that their Jamie Creek hydroelectric project in British Columbia was beginning its construction phase in July 2012, and the project was later acquired by Boralex Inc. in October, 2012.

The letter of agreement with Boralex establishes that Sequoia will continue its project development and construction related services in affiliation with Boralex while the project reaches commercial operation in early 2014.

The project is covered by a 40-year Electricity Purchase Agreement with BC Hydro and also has rights to a 20-year renewal option. Sequoia and Boralex will cooperate throughout construction and to commercial operation.

Boralex Inc. President and CEO, Patrick Lemaire, went on to say, "now that we have formalized this acquisition, our team will ensure that a smooth ownership transition is made and will endeavor maintaining the good and strong relationships fostered by Sequoia over the last few years of development."

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Project Status

Estimate Investment
$60 million

Estimated Project Start Date
July 2012 - Commencement of design, engineering and construction

Estimated Completion Date
Early 2014 - Commercial operation

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Alistair Howard
Project Development Manager, British Columbia
Boralex Inc.

Economic Development Contact

Jeannette Nadon
Communications and Grants Coordinator
Squamish-Lillooet Regional District
604-894-6371 ext. 239


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