Northland Power B.C. Wind Energy Project

Northland Power B.C. Wind Inc. is currently investigating to assess the feasibility and competitiveness of a Hudson's Hope wind site in preparation for the next electricity acquisition process by BC Hydro, for which a large-scale wind farm is eligible to bid.

About This Project

Northland Power develops, builds, owns and operates clean and green power generation projects. Its facilities generate approximately 1,004 MW of electricity. Northland Power has been in business since 1987 and its units and shares have been publicly traded since 1997.

Northland Power has built a reputation for both technical and financial innovation. Its first project solved an Ontario mill's wood waste problem and was the first Canadian thermal plant to use unprocessed wood chips as fuel.

Currently, Northland Power is conducting an investigation to assess the feasibility and competitiveness of the site in preparation for the next electricity acquisition process by BC Hydro for which a large-scale wind farm is eligible to bid. The elements of the assessment are: wind resources, wind farm layout and usable land resource, electricity production, transmission feasibility, construction cost estimates, First Nations and community consultations, and environmental studies. Northland Power will investigate the IUP for up to 60 MW total capacity. The turbines will be connected to a collector station for transmission off-site and into the BC Hydro grid at a voltage no less than 69 kV and no more than 230 kV.

The exact nature and timing of some of the investigative activities will depend on the electricity market and other factors. However, Northland Power will in any case conduct a site visit to assess the constructability of the project, conduct a preliminary environmental screening, initiate First Nations and community consultations and install wind measurement instruments as soon as practicable.

Proposed mast sites have been chosen to minimize land disturbance. However, if or where site-clearing is required, Northland Power will apply for a license to cut.

Northland fully expects BC Hydro to issue a Call for Power before the end of the proposed investigative tenure. Northland Power's decision to bid a project on the site will depend on its assessment of the feasibility and competitiveness of the site at the time of the Call. If an Energy Purchase Agreement is awarded, the company intends to build, own and operate the project for the full term of the contract: 20 to 25 years, and beyond, subject to the electricity market at the time.

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Michael Margolick
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Northland Power B.C. Wind Inc.

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Jennifer Moore
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