Prince George Ethylene Plant

West Coast Olefins Ltd. (WCOL) is developing a project to recover ethane and other natural gas liquids (NGLs) from the Enbridge Westcoast Energy Pipeline that runs just east of Prince George, BC. The recovered ethane will then be used as the primary feedstock to an Ethylene Plant that will produce polymer grade ethylene. Ethylene will be supplied to an adjacent Polyethylene Plant, owned by a third-party company.

About This Project

An Ethylene Plant will convert a majority of the ethane feedstock from the NGL Recovery Plant into ethylene product, with the remainder being clean-burning hydrogen-rich offgas and some mixed liquid coproducts which will be stored and shipped to appropriate markets. The ethylene product will be sold to the Ethylene Derivative Plant(s).

An Ethylene Derivative Plant(s) will be owned by a third-party partner.

The West Coast Olefins Ethylene Project is currently undergoing the BC Environmental Assessment Process, as required by the Environmental Assessment Act. WCOL will continue to work closely with the Environmental Assessment Office and appropriate regulatory bodies to ensure the Project meets all environmental requirements.

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