Robson Valley Hydroelectric Projects

A series of ten run-of-river hydroelectric plants will be developed east of McBride to supply energy to BC Hydro. Relevant studies, approval and agreements have been completed and production is set to commence.

About This Project

After five years of extensive work, Holmes Hydro Inc. now has government water licences and land tenures on all ten streams in its proposal, and the right of ways for power lines. Development of the series of run-of-river hydroelectric plants, located on steep tributaries in the Holmes watershed that have small streams with no fish, is now set to commence with all ten projects having Eco Logo letters of opinion delivered to BC Hydro. The plants, located 12 kilometres east of McBride, will have low visibility and very small environmental footprints. All plants are under 10 MW each for a total production of 76.5 Megawatts.

Holmes Hydro has already developed and operated two similar projects with the successful completion of the East Twin project of 1700 KW in 1991 and the Hystad Project of 6800 KW in 2001. Work began on the feasibility of the ten new projects in September 2006 and is already well underway with crews having traversed hundreds of kilometres in the mountain to establish the best possible routes. All of the roads and rights of way, powerhouse and diversion sites, bridge locations, and transmission rights of way having been determined, measured, and flagged for construction. Stream flow measurements have been taken during the whole process and all of the many required government studies have been done, submitted and approved.

Completion of the hydro electric plants will allow BC Hydro to acquire more clean power to fill the gap in available energy that exists from current resources and the growing demand in the Robson Valley. This will ensure that residents and businesses will have sustainable, sufficient, and reliable power for generations to come.

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Duke Peterson
Holmes Hydro

Economic Development Contact

Karen Dube
Community Economic Development Officer
Village of McBride

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