Site C Dam Clean Energy Project

Site C is a proposed third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeast B.C. Subject to approvals, Site C would be a source of clean, reliable and cost-effective electricity for more than 100 years.

About This Project

The Site C Dam Clean Energy Project (Site C) is being proposed as part of BC Hydro’s overall program to invest in and renew the province’s electricity system.

Site C would be a third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeast B.C. It would provide up to 1,100 megawatts of capacity, and produce about 5,100 gigawatt hours of electricity each year — enough energy to power the equivalent of about 450,000 homes per year in B.C.

Electricity demand in B.C. is expected to grow over the next 20 years, driven by a projected population increase of more than one million residents and economic expansion, particularly in the mining and gas sectors. As extensive as BC Hydro’s electricity supply is, it will not be enough to meet B.C.’s future electricity needs if demand continues to grow as projected. Site C is needed for its cost-effective clean energy, as well as much-needed peak capacity.

As the third project on one river system, Site C would gain significant efficiencies by taking advantage of water already stored in the Williston Reservoir. This means that Site C would generate approximately 35 percent of the energy produced at the W.A.C. Bennett Dam with five percent of the reservoir area. The Site C reservoir would be one of the most stable in the BC Hydro system with relatively little fluctuation in water levels during typical operations.

Site C would produce among the lowest greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), per gigawatt hour, when compared to other forms of electricity generation. Preliminary study results indicate that Site C would produce significantly less GHGs per gigawatt hour than fossil fuel sources such as natural gas, diesel or coal. Emissions from Site C would fall within the ranges expected for wind, geothermal and solar energy sources. As a dependable and flexible resource, Site C would also help facilitate the development of intermittent renewables such as wind and run-of-river hydro.

Site C is estimated to create approximately 7,000 person-years of direct construction employment through the seven-year construction period.

The Site C project requires environmental certification and other regulatory permits and approvals before it can proceed to construction. In addition, the Crown has a duty to consult and, where appropriate, accommodate Aboriginal groups.

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Project Status

Estimate Investment
$7.9 Billion

Estimated Project Start Date

Estimated Completion Date
Fiscal 2021

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Site C Clean Energy Project
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Sue Kenny
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Community Futures Peace Liard

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