T-North 2012 Expansion Project

Spectra Energy, one of North America’s premier natural gas infrastructure companies, is proposing to expand its Transportation North (T-North) system to meet growing demand for transportation service from the prolific natural gas producing regions in northeast British Columbia. This demand, secured by long-term firm customer contracts, will be met by redesigning Spectra's initial 2012 T-North project plans. The project would involve the construction of approximately 24.2 km of 42-inch pipeline looping parallel to the Fort Nelson Mainline.

About This Project

The project would expand the Fort Nelson Mainline (T-North) transportation capacity by 360 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d). The project – known as a pipeline loop – is a form of parallel alignment to existing pipeline infrastructure and serves to increase flow between two points.

To support this increased capacity on the Fort Nelson Mainline, the following is being proposed between Compressor Station N5 and Compressor Station 2 (CS2):

  • The construction of approximately 24.2 km of 42” diameter pipelineparalleling the existing Fort Nelson Mainline pipeline on the east side, starting at Compressor Station N5 and ending north of Dinosaur Lake;
  • Acquisition of 22 to 30 metres of additional right of way, plus temporary work space and access where required; and
  • Station piping modifications at both N5 and CS2 to handle increased flows (within existing footprints).

Clearing and construction for the project is scheduled to begin in August 2012 to meet an in-service date of December 2012. Preliminary field study work has commenced and includes geotechnical and construction surveying, environmental, socio-economic and archaeological impact assessments, and traditional land use studies.

Spectra Energy and its predecessor companies have a proven track record of safely designing, constructing, and operating natural gas infrastructure in northeastern BC for over 50 years. During this time, it has demonstrated a commitment to engaging all affected and interested stakeholders – including landowners, First Nations, and governments – with the goal of establishing and maintaining positive, long-term relationships. Spectra Energy’s public consultation process takes into consideration stakeholder and landowner concerns, in order to mitigate potential project impacts. Spectra Energy encourages and values public input and invites interested parties to contact them.

More Information Online

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Project Status

Estimated Project Start Date
August 2012

Estimated Completion Date
December 2012

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Mel Thorp
Director, Marketing & Business Developmment, T-North
Spectra Energy

Economic Development Contact

Jaylene Arnold
Economic Development & Tourism Officer
Northern Rockies Regional Municipality


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