Tsimshian Access Project

The improved access to the Tsimshian Peninsula is will provide excellent opportunities for investment in the Northwest Coast. The expected investment opportunities in the area include: aquaculture, forestry, tourism, transportation, warehousing and logistics, construction and service industries.

About This Project

The proposed Tsimshian Access Project is a product of successful collaboration and partnerships between the City of Prince Rupert, District of Port Edward, Metlakatka First Nation and Lax Kw’ alaams First nation. The partners have proposed an integrated transportation system to serve as a catalyst for the transformation of the Lax Kw’ alaams, Metlakatla, Prince Rupert and Port Edward communities into an economically self reliant and socially vibrant region, taking full advantage of its natural resources, strategic location and global market opportunities.

It is the intention of the parties to complete this project, in its entirety, in one initial phase. The complete project includes the reconstruction of the Fairview ferry terminal, the construction of the Tobey Point ferry terminal, the construction of the Venn Passage Bridge, construction of Route 3 road (road linking the Prince Rupert airport to the Venn Passage Bridge and new roadways on the Tsimshian Peninsula linking the Venn Passage Bridge to the South end of Tuck Inlet Road and Metlakatla), construction of Route 2 (the development of a new ferry route between the Fairview terminal and a proposed terminal at Tobey Point, along with a new road connector linking the terminal to the Airport Road), the paving and stream crossing widening of Tuck Inlet Road and a new ferry.

The completion of this project will create 4,692 full time equivalent jobs, expand and diversify the regional economy through enhanced development opportunities in such areas as primary and secondary air services, forestry, value added processing, new industrial development, Port-related development, aquaculture, fishing and fish processing, and tourism.

Project Status

Estimate Investment
$181 Million

Estimated Project Start Date

Estimated Completion Date

Project Partners


Gord Howie
City Manager
City of Prince Rupert

Tel: 250-627-0934

Ron Bedard
City Manager
District of Port Edward

Tel: 250-628-3667

Harold Leighton
Chief Councillor
Metlakatla Band

Tel: 250-628-3201

Garry Reece
Chief Councillor
Lax Kw'alaams Band

Tel: 250-62-3293

Derek Baker
Economic Development Officer
Prince Rupert & Port Edward

Tel: 250-627-5138

Economic Development Contact

Paul Vendittelli
Economic Development Officer
City of Prince Rupert

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