Tumbler Ridge Wind Energy Project

The Tumbler Ridge Wind Energy Project has an expected capacity of 47.3 megawatts, enough energy to provide electricity to 180,000 homes.

About This Project

The Tumbler Ridge Wind Energy Project is included in the four twenty-five year electricity purchase agreements (EPA) Finavera has with BC Hydro Corporation. The project area is located approximately eight kilometres southwest of the community of Tumbler Ridge and can be accessed by existing roads. The wind data supporting this project is comprised of more than four years of wind and climatic data from on-site meteorological towers. The proposed number of wind turbines for this project is 33. When in operation, the wind farm has an expected capacity of 47.3 megawatts.

The $125-million project will be located 8 kilometres west of Tumbler Ridge. Once completed, the project will generate enough power to provide electricity for up to 18,000 homes. The 24 month project construction period is expected to generate 560 person years of direct employment, and the operational phase of the project is expected to create 188 person years of full-time direct employment.

Finavera Wind Energy is a wind energy development company that is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2003, the company is focused on developing, constructing and operating wind farms in North America and Ireland. With four wind energy projects in BC, Finavera will be generating 301 megawatts (MW) of clean energy — enough to power 75,000 households — by program completion in 2015.

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Project Status

Estimate Investment
$125 M

Estimated Project Start Date
Spring 2013

Estimated Completion Date
Spring 2015

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Myke Clark
SVP Business Development
Finavera Wind Energy

Economic Development Contact

Jordan Wall
Economic Development Officer
District of Tumbler Ridge
Tel: 250-242-4242


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