Wildmare Wind Energy Project

25,000 homes have the potential to fill their power demands through Finavera Wind Energy's proposed wind energy project that will produce power through the use of 38 wind turbines.

About This Project

Once in operation, Finavera Wind Energy's proposed Wildmare Wind Energy project has the potential to power up to approximately 25,000 homes through the use of 38 wind turbines. Finavera anticipates commercial operations to begin in 2014, and when in operation, the wind farm has an expected capacity of 77.4 MW, based on approximately four years of wind and climatic data from on-site meteorological towers. The project is included in the four 25-year electricity purchase agreements Finavera has with BC Hydro.

The Wildmare Wind Energy project is located within the Treaty 8 lands, approximately 5 kilometres west of Chetwynd and can be accessed mainly by existing roads. The location is in an area that currently sees a significant amount of highway traffic, aircraft, other industrial activities, and recreational activities. The project area is on Crown Land with no residential use.

Annual operating costs for the Wildmare project total $6 million, half of which will support labourers wages. Construction will create 116 full-time jobs, and once the project is in operation the site will support 12 full-time positions, with up to half of the workers drawn in from the local population.

The Peace Region has been identified as one of the regions of British Columbia with the strongest wind development potential. BC Hydro has determined that in order to meet future electricity demands, the province needs to conserve electricity, buy more electricity from renewable power projects, such as wind, as well as reinvest and maintain its existing generation plants. Because of this, the Wildmare Wind Energy project was chosen to produce clean, cost-effective energy to sell to BC Hydro.


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$200 million

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Finavera Wind Energy Inc.

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Ellen Calliou
Economic Development Officer
District of Chetwynd


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