Fortune Creek Gas Plant

A natural gas-processing facility to be located approximately 110 km north of Fort Nelson, B.C. Fortune Creek Gas Plant will process raw natural gas for end-market use by removing CO2 and trace amounts of H2S, having a processing capacity of approximately 16.90 million m3/day (600 MMscf/d).

About This Project

Quicksilver Resources is proposing to build the Fortune Creek Gas Plant 110 kilometers north of Fort Nelson, B.C. The purpose of the plant is to remove H2S and CO2 from the raw natural gas produced in the area, to produce treated sales gas (natural gas that can be used as fuel by residential, commercial and industrial consumers) for transport to market. Because Quicksilver Resources anticipates an increase in gas production over time from the Basin, the plant would be constructed in phases with an eventual processing capacity of approximately 16.90 million m3/day (600 MMscf/d), which would be the final total inlet volume. The initial phase would be constructed with the capacity for a gas inlet volume of 4.25 million m3/day (150 MMscf/d; or approximately 125 MMscf/d of sales gas). Quicksilver Resources Inc. received an Environmental Assessment Certificate on October 9th, 2013. A final investment decision (FID) is required before any work will be started on the proposed Fortune Creek Gas project.

When in operation, the plant would process compressed raw feed gas which may contain trace amounts of H2S. This H2S and excess CO2 would be removed as part of the process, resulting in treated sales gas which would then enter existing or proposed pipelines owned, operated and built by third parties for transport to market. TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. has announced plans for a 112 km, 36” sales gas pipeline, proposed to transport natural gas from a sales metering station located adjacent to Quicksilver Resources' compressor station and the plant itself. The proposed TransCanada Pipeline sales line would transfer gas produced from the Horn River Basin south east and would connect to the National Energy Board regulated TransCanada pipeline system.

The capital cost of the first phase of the plant is estimated to be approximately $175 million. Quicksilver Resources anticipates that the construction of the proposed plant will result in approximately 100 employment opportunies during this phase. Once operational, the plant is anticipated to employ 12 people.


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Project Status

Estimate Investment
$760 million

Estimated Project Start Date
Spring 2014

Estimated Completion Date
Fall 2015

Project Partners


Proponent Contact

Ericka Belleth
Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc.
Communications & Stakeholder Relations Representative
(403) 538-5521

Economic Development Contact

Jaylene Arnold
Economic Development & Tourism Officer
Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

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