Skeena Valley Fabricating Ltd.

  • 3184 Kofoed Dr, Terrace, BC V8G 4M5
  • (250) 615-5511
  • (250) 615-5511

Skeena Valley Fabricating is a full service welding and mechanical company. We ppecialize in aluminum fabrication, aluminum T.I.G (G.T.A.W) welding, stainless steel T.I.G (G.T.A.W) welding, aluminum M.I.G (G.M.A.W) and S.M.A.W (stick) welding. Serving the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia markets for aluminum and steel fabrication, there is virtually nothing that we cannot do. Our versatility and attention to customer needs and the ability to provide on time and on budget project completion has helped us become one of the Pacific Northwest’s top fabrication companies. 

Employee Details

Total Employees: 2+

Additional Details

WCB registered in BC: yes
Liability insurance: yes
DUNS number: no
Bonded: yes
First Nations/Aboriginal ownership: no

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