Directly linked to our childhood, the puzzle is the favourite puzzle of the French to pass the time while having fun. In times of confinement or not, it is a cult product that is now taking off again after a spectacular increase in sales of +63% in 2020!

It’s no surprise, in fact, that when you’re a gamer at heart, puzzles are also a source of relaxation and challenge at the same time. When it comes to puzzles, we all have a model in mind, whether it’s 500 or 1,000 pieces or even online puzzles, there’s something for everyone! And if you want to spend some really enjoyable hours, the best thing to do is to choose your favourite theme, the casino one, of course, while waiting to play online real money jackpot puzzles as well as slot machines!

A wide choice of slot and poker puzzles!

Just like Escape games, puzzles stimulate our instinct to solve puzzles. Aspiring Sherlock Holmes can attest, when you reach the last piece of the puzzle, the suspense is at its peak! And when you’ve had a great night out at the casinos with friends, there’s nothing like reliving that playful thrill by sitting around a table and having a drink in moderation, putting a puzzle together. Between those representing the Las Vegas Strip with the Eiffel Tower behind the Bellagio Hotel fountains and those revealing gangster-style playing cards, there is plenty to do!

The puzzle: gold art or gold bar?

From a popular game, it’s only a step to Art, when you see the realism of the card game in Mike Savad’s “Poker Face 1939” puzzle where the existence of tells is well illustrated! It must be said that the invention of the puzzle leads to everything when we remember that it was originally used as an educational map to teach geography to children! On the other hand, the puzzle is also the ancestor of the pixels found in video games and other screens. The artist Chuck Close has also created works in reverse: paintings designed as mosaics, which, in the end, look like a puzzle!

Thanks to the internet, we are lucky enough to be able to play online gambling games, but it is also an opportunity for puzzle makers to create their favourite frescoes from ancient or modern works of art from all over the world!

Jigsaw puzzles are breaking records!

In 2020, Kodak launched its giant 51,300 piece puzzle, 8.6 metres long and 2 metres wide. It will take years for the average jigsaw puzzle player to complete it, compared to 3 to 4 months for the advanced jigsaw puzzle player! Who said that jigsaw puzzles were an activity without surprises or adrenaline?

For the more competitive, there is a puzzle championship, and like the World Series of Poker (WSOP), it brings together the best of the best in the field! And when the World Puzzle Federation is involved, it’s a guarantee of a successful edition at the Millenium Dome with a total of 4,000 euros to be redistributed. There is no doubt that when online casinos make a place for puzzles on their platforms, we will be able to admire the aesthetics and the technical prowess of this discipline where it is better to be cool! And the calmest among us will finally be able to become millionaires, and no longer see the fastest players in games of skill take the prize!

Moreover, the puzzle is not only based on chance, but also on strategy! In this sense, several techniques can be identified, such as the legendary way of starting with the corners. Although this is the only one we know, there are in fact many others, such as taking breaks and not trying to finish everything on the same day, at the risk of becoming addicted! In any case, by playing online, there is no need to worry about the surface on which to place the small pieces or to be careful not to lose any under the carpet!

Since the 1930s, jigsaw puzzles have been played with the family or alone, and in this sense, they are both a source of fulfilment and a unifying agent, which is why they are so much fun to take out of the drawers in these times of health crisis. There is no doubt that we are all seduced by this game, which has few rules and which, moreover, has the wind in its sails!