Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery

  • 2118 N Hwy 29
    PO Box 298
    Moberly Lake, BC, CA
  • (250) 788-2241

Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery is the only native plant nursery operating in Northeastern BC. We are 100% First Nations owned and 80% First Nations staffed. We are dedicated to restoring the Earth's ecological balance for the benefit of all creation. Seeds collected from the landscapes of our northern environment ensure that our product is of a higher quality of native species. Restoring the natural habitat contributes to the success of wildlife conservation efforts in the region as well as to the continued biodiversity we are blessed with. We sell native plants, shrubs, trees, forbes, and grasses that are appropriate for any restoration, rehabilitation, remediation, or reclamation project.

Employee Details

Total Employees: 5
Part-Time Employees: 10

Additional Details

WCB registered in BC: yes
Liability insurance: yes
DUNS number: no
First Nations/Aboriginal ownership: Fully Owned
First Nations bands: Saulteau First Nations and West Moberly First Nations

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